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Pet Adoption


Did you know that being selected for a SAINTS dog or puppy rescue means that you  can say any foolish thing to your dog, and it will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!?

Adopting a four legged friend can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do for your family. It is also a very big responsibility and a decision that should not be taken likely. Our passion is to align the right rescue not only for the right family but also aligns with your lifestyle, time availability and more so both dog and their new human will succeed happily. 

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions and answers to questions commonly asked of us about our rescues, and about us.

S.A.I.N.T.S. stands for “Safeguarding Animals In Need Today Society”. We are a registered charity committed to providing supportive care while promoting humane treatment to abandoned and homeless dogs in our community.

If you ever have an emergency situation, and need to reach us, please contact Donna 705 207 9065 or Barb 705 688 6467

Your adoption fees includes basic health services from our community Veterinarian’s which includes 3 vaccines at the vet including Rabies, de-flea, de-worming, microchip and Spay or Neuter of your new friend.

All kinds! We do not try to guess breeds of a Pup or dog because that is difficult to do at a glance and puppies grow and change so quickly. We have see families subscribe to genetic services found on the web that are better suited to determine breed mixes.

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A message from Barbara

We truly appreciate your interest in helping our organization!

We have a much higher than usual number of applications for both adoptions and fostering and appreciate your patience as applications are processed. COVID-19 has slowed our Foster and Adoption processes.

We wish to thank everyone for taking the time to send in applications. We are doing our very best to reach out to each of you as quickly as possible.

Our Adoption Pricing

Saints Dogs Rock

Puppy under 1 year



  • First Three Vaccinations: Yes
  • Rabies: Yes
  • Micro-Chipping: Yes
  • De-fleaing: Yes
  • De-Worming: Yes
  • Spay Neuter: Yes

Adult Dog



  • First Three Vaccinations: Yes
  • Rabies: Yes
  • Micro-Chipping: Yes
  • De-fleaing: Yes
  • De-Worming: Yes
  • Spay Neuter: Yes

When Adopted



  • Unconditional Love: Yes
  • Constant Companion: Always
  • Steal Chair Spots: Most Likely
  • Happy to see you: No Doubt
  • Protector: Yup
  • Family: Absolutely

Adoption Success Stories!

SAINTS Dog Rescue Team

Available Friends up for Adoption

Molly Ready for Forever home
This sweet pup is 7 week old Molly , a mixed breed pup , currently chilling with our fosters , Paul , Justy , Alexis . She also has gets to hang out with her sister and the family dogs Luna and Sophie . She a mixed breed pup , we don't know her mix , but she 100 percent adorable. If you think you might be a suitable home for this sweet girl , please fill in an application on line and we will get in touch . We do not adopt out of the city and due to size and breed of pups, we require a fenced yard , under most circumstances. Adoption fee is $680 , and includes 3 vaccines , plus rabies , deworm , spay or neuter and microchip.