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Meet Cali and Daisy

Cali & Daisy

Cali and Daisy are both 11 month old Littermates. They are “Pomski”s. Both are spayed and up to date on their shots.

Unfortunately due to no fauit of their own the owner is looking to rehome this bonded pair. They are hoping that they will be able to stay together but know that this may not be possible.

From the owners :

Cali and Daisy are sisters and are best friends.They are friendly and love people.

Cali has 2 different eyes and is the sweetest dog. She loves to cuddle.She’s extremely affectionate.She’s timid and is afraid of loud noises ie. vacuums, hair blowers. She’s is approx 40lbs

Daisy has the brown paws. She is approx 25 lbs . She loves to go outside and rings the bell hung on the door knob when she wants to go outside. This bell will go with her .She’s playful and not afraid of anything.

They both love carrots and treats and toys. They enjoy peanut butter in the morning . They just lick it from the spoon.

They sleep together and play together.They have never been left alone at home for more then an hour.

As aging seniors we are finding it very difficult to look after these dogs the way we would like.

If you are interested in these one or both of these beautiful girls please reach out and fill in an application from our website. Their adoption fee will pend on individual or as a bonded pair.

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