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The Paw Pact forever Rule  One ...

YOU PROMISE when you adopt me, you will love me for my whole life, no matter what!

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The Paw Pact forever Rule Two

YOU PROMISE when you move, you will take me with you. When you have a baby, you won't give me up. If you get another pet, you will still love me!

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Be my  Forever  home?

ADOPTING a rescue is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do for your FAMILY!

Donations welcome!

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S.A.I.N.T.S is dedicated to educating the public regarding the proper care and treatment of dogs and cats. We are committed to spay and neuter education in an effort to eliminate the problem of unwanted, abandoned companion animals in our community.

If you are looking to add a four legged friend to your family, you have come to the right place.


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Welcome To Our Saints Dog Rescue 

S.A.I.N.T.S. is a registered charity committed to providing supportive care while promoting humane treatment to abandoned, homeless dogs in our community. ​

 We are 100% volunteer based and sustained by public donations.  Every dollar raised goes directly toward the care of our animals.

With your SUPPORT,  we can make a difference!


Every dollar raised is used to support an animal in need.


Support a special friend until they find forever homes.

Events and Fund Raisers

Support us as we help our rescues find health and happiness!

Terry's Sketches

Get a special custom drawing of your fur baby and support our rescues!


Beyers Family

We adopted Remy 13 months ago. She has been the best thing to happen to our family. She is such a character with  a personality that is unlike any other we feel. We are so lucky. Follow the #lifewithremy adventures.


Archie is settling in nicely. He's such a sweet happy boy ❤️

Share your stories. We love to hear about how your pups people are adjusting to adding them as their forever home.

Share, love, done.

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What We Do For You?

Vet Care

When you adopt your new friend, your fees are put towards their care including rabies, deworming, spay or neuter and microchip.

Awarded service

Well, we would like to think so! Being selected for adoption of a rescue is a life long commitment to teh most dedicated loving friend you have ever met.

Corporate Sponsors

SAINTS maintains the best friends in the industry with helpful support and products.

Fun Activities

Its more than an adoption. You are joining a family of loving owners who keep in touch with their pets sibblings. Its not uncommon for your recue to visit it's sister or brother for life.

Pet Foods

With such a community of successful adoptions, there is no shortage of knowledge of foods which are best for any circumstance. Ask away!

Pet Training Tips

Your rescues happiness is everything to us. If you are having a behavior issue, we can point you in the right direction for any help you need.

We work creatively and specially for our client Check our Terry's Sketches!
Saints Volunteer

Our Activities

Join our Awesome Facebook Community

Our Facebook Community is packed with past, present and future adoptions. Follow your pets siblings, join them at the dog park and share with everyone how your fur baby is growing into that special character. We love to hear and follow your special friend through their adventures!

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