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Willow is waiting for the perfect match!

Loving, loyal, and a tiny bit sassy Willow is available for adoption!

She is an 8 week old lab mix, and is very loyal and loving. She is a very strong little lady like her litter mates, being a parvo survivor, and loves to play, nap, eat, repeat! She is very social and loves to be a part of her pack. She would do great with an active person or family. She loves watching her foster sisters play in the yard, and enjoys being included in her foster families daily activities.

Like any of our dogs, she will require you to put in the time and commitment to train her and keep her on a path to being a well balanced adult dog. Remember, it is easier to teach a behavior than correct one. Enrolling in training class is highly recommended for all of our dogs.
She will be large breed dog, we estimate 50lbs+, so please keep that in mind when applying.

If you would like to love her forever, please fill out our adoption application!

Her adoption fee is $680, and includes 3 sets of vaccines, 4 weeks apart, plus rabies vaccine, dewormer, spay or neuter when age appropriate, and microchipping. 


  • Kyle

    hello, do you know if willow would be good with cats

    1. Leah Earl

      She is quite a young girl, and with the proper introductions and limiting time at first, the transition should work well

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