S.A.I.N.T.S Rescue



The process to become a foster family is similar to adopting. It begins with the submission of an application.

Once you are approved to foster we will match you with an appropriate foster dog. For instance, we would not send an 8 week old puppy to a foster family where the people were out of the house all day. But an older, trained dog would be fine with their foster family working all day. All dogs receive minimally their first vaccines, deworming and deflea before moving to their foster home. A foster dog is sent with leash, collar, food, any medications, a crate if needed and any other necessary supplies (such as a brush or food dishes).

While the foster dog is in your care, we ask that you treat it as you'd treat your own dog. Walks, playtime, discipline, socialization, cuddling, etc. Once the dog is in your care for a few days and you've gotten to know it, we will contact you for information for posting the dog on our website, kijiji, facebook etc. We also ask the foster family to take some good pictures and a video if possible. For older puppies and dogs we have a wonderful photographer that will come to take pictures as well. Dogs with good pics and a video generate far more interest than a dog without. Most dogs are in foster care for 1-6 weeks. We are always available via phone or email to answer questions or help with any issues that may come up with your foster dog.